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Japanese Title: Gojira tai Mekagojira
CD Label: Star Child / King Record Co.
CD Number: KICA-586
Music by: Miichiru Ooshima
Number of tracks: 29
Running time: 62:25
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: Dec. 04, 2002
Year movie released in Japan: Dec. 2002
Year movie released in US: 2004 on DVD


December 6, 2002 - Review Courtesy of David Hirsch

No one can ever replace Akira Ifukube, but just as David Arnold has proved himself to be the 21st century successor to John Barry in the 007 series, so has Miichiru Ooshima established that she deserves to inherit the mantle as Godzillaís pre-eminent composer for Tohoís modern day series. Her latest effort once again is centered around the main theme she composed for Godzilla X Megagurius, but the bulk of this latest score is a series of bold and powerful battle themes for the new Mecha-Godzilla and its team, which also includes some highly moving emotional pieces.

For the first time, Toho has recorded the score outside of Japan with Konstantin D. Krimets conducting the Moscow International Symphonic Orchestra. The result is a huge, powerful score with sonic depths only digital technology could capture and I will be very interested to see how itís mixed down into the film without loosing some of itís strength. The percussion is intense, pounding war drums as Godzilla marches into the fray, backed with equally intense brass motifs.

The score, presented as always in sequential order, barely lets up in its dire battle motif, promising a film of breakneck action. Godzilla is once again the villain, but this time his adversary is only man and his technology, promising a film of unparalleled action and suspense.

NOTE from Larry Tuczynski: The CD sounds very similar to her other score for "GODZILLA Vs. MEGAGUIRUS" (if she's imitating Ifukube, she's doing a good job of recycling).

Japanese Title: Gojira tai Mekagojira

Track translations courtesy of: John Cassidy (Daijirou Ryuusei)

  1. Opening
  2. G's Theme
  3. Title
  4. The Prime Minister's Reminiscence
  5. The Self-Defense Agency's Technology Laboratory
  6. G's Theme (2)
  7. "Welcome"
  8. Akane's Theme
  9. Machine Dragon (Kiryuu) Team's Theme (1)
  10. Akane & Sara
  11. MG's Theme
  12. Machine Dragon Team's Theme (2)
  13. Confrontation
  14. Runing Wildly
  15. MG's Theme (2)
  16. Sara
  17. G's Theme (3)
  18. Machine Dragon Team's Theme (3)
  19. MG's Theme (3)
  20. Fierce Fighting (1)
  21. Fierce Fighting (2)
  22. Akane's Theme (2)
  23. MG's Theme (4)
  24. Fierce Fighting (3)
  25. Surfacing
  26. Ending
  27. Salute!

    Sound Effects Tracks